Family Law

Northern Colorado Family Law Services We Handle

The Schmehl Law Group provides a full range of qualified mediation and litigation services to protect the people and assets that matter to you during your family transition. We can help you through the process so you experience as little pain, risk, and loss as possible. It's hard enough to get divorced. Don't let the process change you for the worse. Take control of it early in the process and you will find a quicker path to happiness. Let us help you in your transition and guide you through the legal aspects of this change.

Protect your assets, your children and your sanity. Work with an attorney who puts your interests first; someone who will explain the process you will go through; someone who will evaluate your case with you, and walk with you until your dissolution of marriage is complete and your new life begins. We can help you with this step in your walk of life so that it will not haunt you for years ahead. You need a fair and equitable solution to this change in your life, and a way to achieve the change with as little conflict as possible.

Not ready to take the final step toward divorce? We can help you determine if Legal Separation is an option for you. Legal Separation may be appropriate where financial considerations or religious beliefs are important to you. Living apart without the benefit of a legal separation exposes you to various risks, including being responsible for your spouse's debts. Without a Legal Separation Agreement, you may never receive your equitable share of the marital assets if your estranged spouse wastes those assets away.

We can help you provide a secure and positive future for your children, a future that includes you as well as your ex-spouse. Protect your right to spend time with your children with provisions in your parenting plan that clearly state your rights. You do not want to go back to court every time your ex-spouse decides to punish you for some perceived wrong you allegedly did last week, or years ago. We often deal with clients that regret they did not address specifics in their parenting plan. Protect yourself from bias parenting arrangements which require you to provide all the transportation, pay for all the extracurricular activities your kids enjoy or limit your right to attend their school activities while they are with your ex-spouse.

The Child Support law is complicated. We can help you understand how it works and what the court considers in establishing the amount of child support you will pay or receive. You need to know when you can amend the amount of child support. Your parenting plan and separation agreement should include provisions that assure you obtain the information you need on a regular basis to determine if your child support obligation should be changed. Don't risk entering into a child support agreement that limits your rights to change the amount of child support when your circumstances change.

Property division is always a big concern. We can provide you with a proprietary worksheet that will allow you to see the big picture, all the assets and debts of your marriage and how they are divided. It will show you exactly what you are getting, and what they are getting, so that you are informed and protected from an ill-advised agreement. You are entitled to an equitable share of the marital assets, not an equal share. The difference between your income and your spouse's may entitle you to a larger share of the marital estate, or to maintenance (alimony). Protect your right to an equitable share of your assets and assure that your spouse shares the burden of debts you both acquired during your marriage. We can help you determine your financial situation, and then obtain an equitable division of marital property.

Did you put your spouse through school and now s/he wants to dump you for the stud or fox they met at the gym? Spousal maintenance can even the playing field. It can help you get the education or training you need to pay you back for your sacrifice - or it can help you maintain the lifestyle you enjoyed during the marriage. Don't waive your right to catch up with your spouse, or to pursue the dreams you put on hold to help the family. The law concerning maintenance changed in 2014. It now provides more uniform guidance to judges, which helps eliminate the unpredictability of the courts. We can help you understand the new law and what you might receive, or have to pay, in maintenance.

Thinking of getting married? Protect what you already have with a prenuptial agreement, sometimes referred to as an "antenuptial agreement". Protect the assets you have acquired and protect yourself from your new love's debts. Don't risk leaving the children you already have out of the inheritance loop. Protect your right to pass on your legacy to whom you choose. While this may be the person you spend the rest of your life with, prenuptial agreements can simplify things if it doesn't last forever. Setting forth what happens if the relationship fails is not admitting it will end in tears, it merely says that you are a wise and prudent person. We can help you protect your existing assets while you are alive, and after the sunset of your life.

Your relationship with your spouse usually doesn't end with divorce. We can help you determine if your child support should be changed to reflect changes in your life or your ex-spouse's financial situation. If your ex-spouse gets a new job or a promotion, maybe they should pay more in child support. Maybe you need to move to another state for your job, or your spouse is moving to another county to be closer to their family. You should not suffer the consequences of their decision to leave the area. Nor should you incur the cost of their flight to family, or to the new person they met on the internet. If you have children, you should periodically re-evaluate your child support provisions to see if you can get more support for your children, or pay less for their support.